10 Gal First Fill Ex Bourbon Barrel

10 Gal First Fill Ex Bourbon Barrel


We have Ex Bourbon Barrels available for sale. All barrels are Barrel Mill manufactured, made of White American Oak that has been aged and then #3 charred.

All prices include shipping into Vancouver, BC CANADA, customs clearance, and are in $CAD.

If you would like to purchase please let us know how many, what size, and the delivery location as soon as possible.

Barrel information sheet

1. Origin - all barrels are charred (#3 char) American white oak that was grown, aged, coopered in the American Midwest (primarily Missouri).

2. Use - all barrels were used to age bourbon.

a. Grain bill - corn (60%), rye (25%), wheat (10%). Whiskey was loaded in the barrels at 61.5 - 62.5% ABV.

b. Aging - period by barrel size: 5 gallons - 12-16 months, 10 gallons - 12-16 months, 30 gallons - 29 months.

c. Some 5 gallon barrels (denoted on barrel) were also used to age maple syrup. ( One Left )

d. All barrels were rebunged after emptying.

3. Suggested subsequent usage

a. Treatment - no sulfur or other anti-microbial should be necessary.

b. Setting staves - a quick fill with clean, warm water should serve to identify any loose seams (due to drying). This will also cause the wood to swell and eliminate these spots.

4. Condition - all barrels have been tested for seal (see above for dealing with incidental shrinking of the wood). Beeswax may have been applied to trouble spots on some barrels. All barrels will contain loose pieces of char from the interior (this is normal).

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