2BAR BOURBON Delivery Service

2BAR BOURBON Delivery Service


2bar bourbon is a 100% grain-to-glass handcrafted spirit.

2bar Spirits is descended from five generations who ranched their land under the 2bar brand. For more than a century, we have stood for quality, independence and hard work.

Now those characteristics transcend to 2bar Spirits, handcrafting bourbon in Seattle, Washington.

Flavor: Our bourbon opens with a mingling of caramel, vanilla, and honey notes, leading to a hint of dark chocolate with a finish of cherry and oak

Method: 100% grain-to-glass production: we do all of our own milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging and bottling

Mash Bill: Made using Northwest grains of corn, wheat & malted barley

Cask: Medium Char New American White Oak

Proof: 100 ProofABV: 50%
Format: 750 ml bottles

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